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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 27

It is finally September, College Football, and we are now in the 3rd trimester! 

Gender: What are you guesses?!? I have thought girl all along, but this week I started thinking boy - all I know is that I cannot wait to meet this little one!!! 
Movement: Moves all the time and has started getting the hiccups several times a day :)
Weight Gain:  14 at my last appointment - I go back next week though (hopefully the first thing my midwife says this time wont be 'WHOAH you put on some weight' - like she did last time)
Maternity Clothes: I am so grateful for my sweet friends and the clothes they have let me borrow - I am definitely starting to not fit in a lot of my own clothes and am loving having options from them! My favorites are the skinny jeans (I like pretending that its already cool outside)
Sleep: Considering I got up at 5:30 this morning because I was tired of laying there trying to sleep, and its now 2am and I am wide awake (there was an hour nap in there this afternoon), I am starting to think that sleep is a thing of the past - at least I will be prepared for the lack of sleep with a new born!!!! The things that have kept me up have been random - heart burn, restless legs, and itchy feet - SO BIZZARE!
Favorite Moment this week: I still absolutely love when John gets to feel the baby move and hearing him talk to and pray over lil pumpkin! He loves to read psalms and pray over the baby and it melts my heart every time - I already love family time so much! Another not so sentimental favorite from this week - college football finally started!!!!!!!!!! We recently had some good friends {Klint and Mary Elizabeth} move across the street from us so today we started a tradition we hope to continue for many years - Cinnamon Roll Saturday, while watching College Game Day - it was pretty awesome and as Mary Elizabeth said 'I woke up this morning and turned on Game Day and it felt like Christmas' - couldn't agree more!!! 

And one of the BEST MOMENTS EVER - getting to meet my cousin's baby girl! Libby Shea is 6 weeks old and absolutely precious! We had a really sweet time with her parents!!

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  1. I like that aTm and OU on your sign! I think Girl? Hope you are doing well!