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Thursday, April 3, 2014


My heart has been heavy lately. Not because of how long and grueling the adoption process can be, but because of the weight of sin that I believe fully effects adoption! 

I saw this quote recently and felt as though it were coming from my own heart! 

People often ask why we are adopting - and the answers come from many different perspectives BUT ULTIMATELY - we are adopting because we have been RESCUED by the cross of Jesus Christ! I do not believe that that means that everyone who has been rescued is supposed to adopt - but I do believe that God calls us to love and care for the orphans! That looks different in every believers life and for us it looks like adoption.

A friend of mine recently posted this on facebook and I was so grateful and encouraged by her words:

"Adoption is one of the most profound, most beautiful acts a believer can be a part of. What an incredible picture of Gods adoption of us, as His sons and daughters. If you know anyone in the process of adoption or have already adopted, be a part. Love them, pray for them, support them. They're doing a gospel work!"

Someone then commented how hard adopting is and how they want to cry and give up so often because of the process being so difficult.....

My friend's response absolutely BLEW my mind! 

"I think it's the same reason any life experience that explicitly preaches the gospel can be hard/ the enemy hates it and will do everything in his power to thwart or ruin in. But we have the strength of Christ. Just read Ephesians 6:10-20 today. Were clothed to fight and wage war- to protect and guard truth. What you guys are doing is a clear picture of the gospel/ and you aren't doing it alone!"

I have tried to communicate this in my own words so many times (and this is much more beautifully written that I can ever quite seem to get my words to be) - but today, for me, this is exactly what I needed to hear  to not only encourage my heart but to remind me that this is the fight, this is war - and we are clothed and ready for battle, thanks to the ONE who rescued us! 

So thankful for the truth.  

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