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Monday, August 29, 2011

making our house a home

I just moved back from a year in Guatemala and a month later got married! I was blessed to get to move back to Texas to a wonderful home that my husband had bought for us while I was gone. I love our house, but was ready to start making it home. A few simple touches have helped to make it home! We will start re-doing a room at a time, but I wanted to be able to enjoy it for today until then!! 

Our room was really killing me - needed some color!!! 
So we got some white curtains and added a few pops of color from things that I found at liquidation sales and antique sales

these were the curtains that came with the house, but we found these burlap curtains on sale at World Market and it totally changed the feel of our dining room :) (even though John can't wait to get them ironed)
We also added this beauty from an antique sale to our dining room...isn't it yummy!
its all still a work in progress, but we've made it a home we can enjoy for today...will keep you posted as we keep working! 

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