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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lovely Pine Cone Garland

I spent my day off working on several projects I have been dreaming of doing since the first day the temperature was below 90!! Today was a perfect day to do just that - craft away!!! The day started with a lot of supplies, ideas, and blank canvas's and ended with a home decked for the holidays!!!! 
My friend Lori joined me to make Pine Cone garland for our homes. We each had snagged pine cones and Gumdrops from the ground and we were ready to begin!! 

{We started by spray painting them with spray paint we had on hand! Gold, white, and glitter!!} 
{Once they were dry we took florist wire that Lori brought over and wrapped it around the base of the cones and twisted little loops at the top so we would have something to hang them with!}
 {Then with some twine we had on hand, we began tying them all on. (after very strategically counting, separating, and writing down the order we wanted to string them in-maybe a tad bit anal) This was fun and very simple - would have been even more simple if we had had gloves fingers are a little sore...but it was totally worth it!} 
{Almost finished......}
{Done and OH so lovely}

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