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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lovely bar!

When we first saw this house, we loved everything about it, except the fact that the kitchen was very closed off! We always said maybe someday we would open up that space....but that day happened much sooner than we had ever dreamed! 

So this was the view from the dining room into the kitchen before....
And this was the kitchen wall that backed up the the dining room....
With the help of a good friend, my husband began the demolition work....after a lot of time spent 'prepping' so that our entire house did not fill with dust (which I greatly appreciated!)
Then they built the skeleton of our bar! 
I got drug into Ikea to find this butcher block...let me tell you, I had a full on panic attack. I just really don't like that store and feeling trapped in it...but look how beautiful the butcher block bar is going to be :) and super thankful for my sweet husband who calmly and quickly got us out of there! 
I wouldn't say this project was simple...but it sure is lovely! Lots of detail work at the end of the project took a lot longer than we had expected! 

But here is the final result.....
 One of my favorite parts was the open cabinet that they built at the end!!
 Our house feels so much more open now and we use the bar all the time!!! 

Next project - painting the cabinets! Now that they are exposed for the whole house to see, the poop brown cabinets have got to go - darn! Never really cared for them anyways!!!!! 

{and here is that project}

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