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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Facelift for kitchen cabinets!

So literally before we even fully finished the kitchen bar, i was already begging John to let us start painting the poop brown cabinets. It didn't take long for him to get on board...he just needed a few weeks to recover from the major project! 

So we started! We thought it would be a much easier project if we stayed organized so we started with pictures of what was in each cabinet  - then emptied them all out! 

Then we labeled each drawer and cabinet door with a number and then put the same number inside the cabinet so that we would remember where each one went! We also put bowls in each cabinet with the hardware from that door so that it all stayed organized! 
We did a quick easy sand down and then went on the primer! We asked Lowes to add in some black to the primer so that at least we would have a little less coverage to do with the dark paint! 
We chose to leave the insides of the cabinets the brown color, such a time saver and it doesn't bother me at all to have the insides different! A big tip we learned was using foam brushes!!! Foam rollers and foam brushes kept the cabinets from having any brush marks! The color is Valspar 'Lincoln Cottage Black'- Satin finish!
Prep work! 
And then the paint went on....this took some time but the patience was well worth it! I love the color we chose and was so thankful for the organization we had put in at the beginning..made the 'put it all back together' go much faster! 


  1. Alisha, these look great!! We're about to tackle my boyfriends bathrooms and just can't decide the route we want to go. Did you guys sand or anything first? Also, do you remember what primer and paint you used? Congrats on the little one, btw! :)

  2. Thank you!!! I updated the blog with a few more suggestions, such as using foam brushes and asking the store to add in a darker tint to the primer! We did a light sanding before we started, I dont remember what primer we used. We got it at Lowes and the paint was Valspar - 'Lincoln Cottage Black'- Satin finish! Good luck!!!

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