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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lil Pumpkin - 21 weeks

Today we  got to see our baby again for the first time since 8 weeks! Definitley looks less 'gummy-bear-ish' and more like a sweet baby! I seriously sat in awe looking at the pictures and just realizing what God is doing inside of me, I am doing nothing to create this baby, yet it is growing, developing and moving around like crazy - all being knit together by God! I am so thankful - we prayed for this child, and continue to pray and now to get to see it is seriously amazing and surreal! 
Gender: As of today the only ones that know are my mid-wife and the sono-grapher- it wasn't as hard to not find out as I had feared it might be, it was just exciting to see our baby again! 
Movement: I sometimes wander if baby ever sleeps - seems like it just moves all the time! {and i LOVE every second of it}
Weight Gain:  8 pounds as of today! 
Maternity Clothes: Still holding off, however several sweet friends have loaned me their maternity clothes and I expect to start wearing those soon! 
Sleep: I have started having some sciatica which has made life a little more interesting, {aka - almost fall on my face trying to walk occasionally} but once I get comfortable I am sleeping very good and really enjoying not having to go to the bathroom every hour - for now at least! 
Cravings: Peaches - we got to pick fresh peaches off John's parents tree this weekend and they are yummy!! Unfortunately other than that I have been craving anything sweet! 
Favorite Moment this week: As we were looking at what seemed like alien images [see below-ha] at points, she stopped on the heart and John and I both counted and saw all 4 chambers! He whispered '4 chambers' - it was a small moment but meant so much to know there is a healthy heart and things are developing normally! We know this is all the Lord's doing and we are so thankful! 
We prayed on the way to the appointment that no matter what we saw today we would find our JOY in the Lord, our continued prayer is that our hearts would find joy in the Lord no matter what the circumstances! 
We are so in love already and cannot wait to meet lil pumpkin! 

We will head to Colorado this week for a week long vacation and are really looking forward to some cool weather, beautiful scenery, olympics and celebrating our year anniversary! 

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  1. Congratulations to you both! Isn't it amazing? Only God...