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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'better than love'

The inspiration for this project.....

♥ Dancing to 'Better than Love' by Griffin House, for our first dance! ♥ 
This painted canvas came from Good Will for less than a dollar!  
 At the time, our bedroom walls were still empty and I was ready to add some life to them!!! I tend to be a very sentimental person so I wanted the things on our walls to have meaning or a good story! 

I took contact paper, which I had, and traced letters onto it and carefully cut them out using an exacto knife! 
Spaced it out using a ruler and then stuck the letters to the canvas! 
I then painted the whole thing with a grey sample I had from another project! 
 When it was all dry - I peeled off the letters and had this beauty! 
Pictures of the walls coming soon!!! 

And a few more pics just because...loved this special moment
Our gorgeous wedding pictures were taken by a dear life-long friend of mine, Lissa Anglin!

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