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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

20 weeks


Gender: Hopefully in 20 weeks we will know - but for now we have nick-named the baby 'lil pumpkin' - since we are due around Thanksgiving and because i love fall - we decided lil pumpkin would be much better than calling the baby 'it'
We do have our names picked out, but not knowing which one it will be we needed a name until then! 

Movement: This baby moves all the time and it never gets old to me! The movements are definitely getting stronger as the baby grows! It is now the size of a coconut!!! John still falls asleep almost every night with his hand on my tummy, but he usually falls asleep so fast to feel anything! But he has felt a few kicks in the last few days which has been super fun! 
Weight Gain:  We go in on Monday for the anatomy check and I can't wait to finally see another picture of lil pumpkin - I am sure I will find out how much I have gained then too!

Maternity Clothes: Holding off and taking advantage of summer dresses! 
Sleep: Still absolutely loving my pregnancy pillow {aka 'the boat'} and sleeping very soundly! I have become addicted to Tums to help calm indigestion! (plus they are yummy}

Cravings: I am loving a morning cup of coffee still - in fact go to bed excited to get up the next morning and get to drink it :) I had one really strong urge for pecan pie the other night -which we found is hard to find mid-summer, but we finally found one at Boston Market, and you better believe we bought a whole pie and I have been LOVING every piece of it! Other than that, ironically, I have been craving fresh and healthy food! I am starting to get hungry ALL THE TIME and get full super fast! 

This week::

After a lot of research....
We finally started registering! I had never gotten to use the gun before and i loved it!!!
We did all our wedding registry online since I was living in Guatemala - this was so much more fun!!!!
  Nerd alert:: research in hand, highlighter, sharpie pen and of course THE GUN!!!
We didn't get too far on the list this first time, but we are planning to return this week to hopefully finish up! 
I have started having random people in public ask me about being pregnant! Thankful to be past the stage of just looking like I have been eating too much and finally actually look pregnant!


  1. OHHH How much I am enjoying your blog!!! Thanks for sharing... Love you Alisha!! <3 love to see you so happy

  2. You look great! So cute its ridiculous. Can't wait to see pics from the anatomy scan next week!