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Monday, July 9, 2012

19 weeks

19 Weeks
Gender: We are going to let this be a surprise and we are so excited Although we realized yesterday that by now we could know and it made us a little more curious - but we will hold strong!!! 
Size: According to the Baby Bump app, the baby is 6in, the size of an heirloom tomato, and weighs about 8.5oz! 
Movement: The movements have gone from feeling like a rumbling in my tummy to actual kicks, just in the last few days! It surprises me every time still, but I love it! John has been able to feel a few small movements, but we are still waiting for him to feel the kicks - he usually falls asleeptf with his hand on my tummy and is out by the time the baby starts kicking - its kind of precious i love it! 
Weight Gain: Last appointment I had gained 2lbs, but I am sure it will be more next time I go in! 

Maternity Clothes: I have bought 2 pairs of shorts that are a size bigger than I normally wear, other than that I am loving cotton dresses - lose and cool in the Texas summer heat, holding off as long as I can on buying anything much bigger! I also use a belly band a lot - or keep shorts unzipped and wear a long tank over them! 
Sleep: I got a pregnancy pillow this week and it has made a huge difference! I am sleeping a TON better!! 
I got a Leach co. Back 'N Belly pillow! It is huge - and I love it! John calls it my boat - it gives great support to both sides and when I flip over I don't have to take it with me! I can also prop up with it which helps a lot with the pregnancy inits and the newly found indigestion! Also, this week I woke up about 4 times in one night with horrible cramps in my calves - pregnancy really is a CRAZY thing!!! 

Cravings: I am loving a morning cup of coffee still! Other than that I dont really have many cravings but am loving lots of fresh fruits (watermelon has been a staple for the last 4 months) and vegetables! Trying to stay away from heavy foods - trying to avoid or at least lessen the heart burn! 
I am feeling better than I have in years! (Pre-pregnancy I had been really sick with some crazy stuff I picked up in Guatemala) It is amazing what a difference having energy and feeling good makes - I am soaking it all in and loving every minute of it! 

Two favorite baby moments from this week::

On our way to date night we stopped at Babies R Us to get a gift for a friend - John's first time in there! He loved it and we started looking around to get ready to register! {He is like a kid at Christmas, gets giddy thinking about getting to register and has been asking me if we can since like week 6} I think it will actually be time soon.....although it kinda overwhelms me {ALOT}
 After reading in our baby bump app that our baby can now hear us, John went and got Peter Rabbit and read it to our baby - it was precious! Completely melted my heart!!!! 


  1. This post makes me want to be pregnant again but I'll hold off a little longer ;)

    Cody read to Emily too & it was one of my all time favorite things during pregnancy. And the baby registry overwhelmed me to no end. Some parts were easy & fun but then things as simple as picking out a bathtub were hard. Too much to choose from. My registry is still up if you want to look at the stuff we got as I would recommend all of it still. I did a lot of research on things like the crib & carseat. And I took a mom with me (my sister) after I had already registered with Cody to make sure I got what I needed & what was best.

  2. Great thanks so much for that advice! Pregnancy really is fun...once you get past the horrible part ;)