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Sunday, July 1, 2012

18 weeks

I have been horrible at recording anything pregnancy related, in fact besides a few pictures, I have literally not done anything but here is an attempt to at least jot down a few things and share the few pictures I have remembered to take! :)
the first pictures of our baby at 8 weeks 

As of today we are 18 weeks and 1 day
Gender: We are going to let this be a surprise and we are so excited -- not knowing has actually been so much fun for us! 
Size: According to the app Baby Bump, the baby is 5.6in, the size of a sweet potato, and weighs about 6.7oz! 
Movement: For about the last week and a half I have started feeling movements! Nothing big yet but at nights I can feel lots of movements and a lot of times when I am driving! It is making it all more real and I love feeling those small movements! 
Weight Gain: Last appointment I had gained 2lbs, but I feel like I look a lot larger than that! 
Maternity Clothes: I have bought 2 pairs of shorts that are a size bigger than I normally wear, other than that I am loving cotton dresses - lose and cool in the Texas summer heat, holding off as long as I can on buying anything much bigger! 
Sleep: I have a hard time sleeping at night, mostly because of pregnancy initis and not being able to breath! Although they say not to sleep on your back, it seems that I wake up every night on my back and I am so comfortable so I just stay there, I am sure as I get a little bigger this wont work, but its great for now! 
Cravings: I am loving a morning cup of coffee again, after about 4 months of being totally disgusted by the thought of coffee! Other than that I dont really have many cravings but am loving lots of fresh fruits and vegetables! 
I am overall feeing great! I have my energy back and am really loving not having 'morning sickness'! I am loving the fact that I want clean and do wifely duties again and am having so much fun preparing to be a mom! 

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