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Thursday, July 5, 2012

bathroom make over in an evening

Our bathroom has felt kinda boring since we moved in. I wanted it to be peaceful and after putting about 5 samples on the walls for color, I decided to keep the walls the color they were originally! Our bedroom is full of color and finding something to compliment it without going over board just wasn't working! I did however, want to tie in those same colors! {teal, grey, yellow, and white}

It all started all started with a stop by an estate sale on the way home from work one Friday afternoon, where I picked up a few stitch work pieces, a vase, a small metal box and lots of craft paints - all for under $4.00 - I began planning and by the time John got home, I was ready to take on the bathroom! 
We had picked up 2 pallets off the road a few weeks before and I decided that between my estate sale finds and those pallets we could have us a bathroom in an evening! 

{How to::Shelf}

{How to: Bless the Lord painting}

{Making the frames:: Small and Simple}

 the projects can be found below::

Bless the Lord painting



And that was it - we were done! It was a fun evening with my sweet husband and we have really enjoyed the way it turned out! 

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