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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A simple jewelry [box]

I've always wanted to keep my jewelry in a place where I can see it all and have never been too fond of the idea of a 'jewelry box'

I saw an idea online and decided to give it a try...I found an old pepsi box and added a few nails
 I had bought this little jewelry holder (the one to the right of the pepsi box) at a clearance sale, but it was too tall to fit on this shelf, so I cut off the top of it and used the pieces to make hooks for my necklaces. I literally just stuffed them in the cracks of the box and there it was! 
Used the drawers out of the little holder on the right to organize rings and other small pieces and used the empty drawer slots for bangles! (In one of the drawers I put small pieces of foam to use for ring organization - it worked really well and was something I had laying around the house!)
 I love organization so seeing everything have a place makes me very happy....and it makes life a lot more simple :)

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