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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shutters turned Head Board

These fabulous shutters were hidden the back corner of an antique store behind some other furniture. We got them uncovered and got to look at them and fell in love! They were exactly what I had been looking for for a headboard for our bed! 
Because the paint was chipping off and very weathered, I wanted to seal them somehow without losing the look that I loved! After a little research, we decided on this Rust-olium spray. We did two coats and it really sealed the paint off, it has not really chipped at all since we hung them several months ago! 
This was before! (After seeing this old post, I see how even this was a HUGE improvement-I had forgotten how bland it was before we painted)
J figured out where the studs on the wall were and drilled some 1x2's on the back to align with the studs!

We got them both hung!
And I love the final outcome!!! We ordered some new pillow cases with some Anthropologie gift cards we had left over from the wedding and our bed was finally complete! 

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