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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Asking For Miracles

I have gotten to be a part of Community Bible Study this fall and it has already been one of the biggest blessings to me in not only my walk with the Lord but in connecting with other women, which was also important to me living in a new town! {Sidenote - on the first day I ran into an old college roommate from 2001 in the nursery - it has been soooo fun to reconnect with her!!!}

We are studying John and I have never spent so much time really devouring scripture! I have always been overwhelmed by the idea of breaking down scripture and looking into the original language and meanings. Well....God has blown me away at the ways He is revealing Himself to me in new and big ways! I am so thankful to get to be part of this ministry!

Last week we spent the whole week - yes that is right - THE WHOLE WEEK on these 11 verses. John 2:1-11, where Jesus performs His first miracle. He turns water into wine - for a wedding feast! He does this and only His disciples, His mother and the servants are even aware of what He has done (showing His humble character)! He literally has the servants fill the stone jars, normally used for washing, with water and when they pour it it has been turned into wine. Wine that would normally been brewed produce from grapes grown over the summer on high quality grapevines, pressed out in the fall and stored in vats to perfect maturity! This was good wine - the best! And just like THAT - Jesus made that wine! I have always just looked at that and thought, oh yeah, Jesus turned water to wine! But there is so much more to the text and it is for sure a MIRACLE!

From my CBS study book: "Dr. John F. Carter, in his book A Layman's Harmony of the Gospels, defines a miracle as an event in the external and visible world in which the power of God operates immediately, superseding the forces that are routinely at work in the universe. Thus, a miracle is not a violation of the law of nature nor the temporary suspension of the law. Rather, it brings a new force to bear on the case at hand - a force greater than the energies that regularly and naturally operate in nature."

I was challenged by this text to be more daring and expectant when I pray! John and I have been praying for our funds by January, but in that there have been many days of doubt in my mind that that could actually happen. $30,000 just seems like a huge number to me, and it is....BUT GOD.... GOD is soooo much BIGGER!!!!

John and I sat down on Sunday and looked through this text together, and began to ask God for a miracle! We felt challenged by the Holy Spirit to ask for $10,000 by the race. The race that is 10 days away! And somehow in asking for that He has given me a calm spirit - like IVE GOT THIS!

So I am taking a step of faith and sharing what we are asking! Our desire through our entire adoption process is to make MUCH OF HIM and for HIS truth to be seen and heard through our story! Would you pray with us for a miracle - something that we look and go - ONLY GOD could have made this happen!

I challenge you to ask God for miracles - be daring in your prayer life, expect BIG things, maybe He is just waiting for you to ask for His miraculous intervention!!!

As of today we are at $750 in our account! We are daily overwhelmed by those that are giving and wanting to be part of our story!!! 

For more information on how you can be a part and DONATE to our Adoption Click HERE!!!! 

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