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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We finally received our completed home study today!!!!! It seems like it took forever but it is finally finished!!!!!!!! This is a HUGE step in the adoption process!!!! This means that we have been interviewed about every personal thing you can imagine, we have been observed in our home and with Emery, we have completed almost 30 pages of questions and our home has been approved as a home that is not only ready for a new baby but it has been determined that we are ready to bring another child into our home and would be able to provide the love, care and support for our new baby!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what's next? Now that we have the complete home study, we can start applying for grants!

This also means that as soon as the funds are in, we can start applying with agencies which could go really quickly once we get to that point! 

We continue to pray and ask God to provide for us! We know that He will be faithful!

Our race is this weekend and after that is done we will have a better idea of where we stand financially! I daily have to press into the Lord and remember His faithfulness throughout my life and remember that HE will provide in HIS timing and as HE sees perfect for us!

We are anxious, excited, and hopeful! We pray often for the baby, which realistically could already be conceived! We pray for the family and pray for opportunities to know them and love them!

As I seem to get anxious often these days just thinking about this baby, ready to know when we will get to meet and wishing that I could hurry things up.... The Lord has reminded me often of this verse:

Such a sweet reminder that HE has us, in all situations I just have to be still! What a sweet reminder, especially on the days that I think 'if I could just do more then things would go quicker' -- ALL IN HIS TIME! So thankful for His constant love and care for His children!

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