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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fundraising Update - October 5

It is the most amazing thing to see people join our team and support our adoption. It is humbling and exciting to get to be a part of something that we know God is doing! We are so grateful!!! Last weekend we asked you to join our team as we prepare for the Chosen Marathon! The Chosen Marathon was holding a competition - the team that had the most people join their team between Friday and Sunday would win a significant $$$ BONUS! Well guess what.....

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!! 

We do not yet know what that amount will be but we are thankful for your support and for helping us build Team Forbis!!!! 

The money raised through the race has not yet been added to our account, but through generous donations made directly to our account we are excited to share with you that we have $550 raised!!!! 

God is so sweet!!

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